My Bio: Evelyn Jean Pine

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I write plays about that moment when you feel your life is brand new. 

I'm a resident playwright at PlayGround, a Djerassi Resident Artist Alumni, and a member of the "Yeah, I said Feminist" Theatre Salon, and a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.  

My PlayGround commissions include: FIRST, about Bill Gates at 19 and the birth of the first personal computer,  The Secrets of the World about Queen Isabella and the Indians Columbus brought to Spain, and Astonishment about the birth of the movies. The SF Olympians Festival commissioned three of my plays:  Hephaestus and the Three Golden Robots, Walking the Starry Path (with music by Tom Darter), and Coeus & Crius or 12-12-12.  My award-winning short plays have been performed around the country.  

I teach communication & performance studies at San Francisco State and Berkeley City College. I am a proud co-owner of the most ground-breaking social networking site on earth, The WELL.